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Board of directors

LS Group is a 100% familiar company that wants to be a reference in the Iberian Peninsula in terms of service quality in the transport and logistics sector.

“As long as there is road ahead, there will always be Luís Simões”

The governance model is in general organised through the Management Board (MB), composed of 7 administrators, six of which are members of the LS family, and by the Executive Committees (EC), composed of a business unit and a corporate unit.



LS has a Sustainability Strategy in line with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),
based on the materiality matrix which sums up the challenges of Luís Simões and its stakeholders.









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Health & Personal Care





Papel, Pasta y Embalaje

Paper, Pulp & Packaging

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Consumer Electronics


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LS Adds value
with sustainability

Central - Cabanillas LOC

Ten years after the inauguration of the automatic warehouse in Carregado (2008), the Spanish teams’ dream comes true, the Cabanillas LOC opens, and Cabanillas is the major centre of the region of Madrid and LS largest centre.

The centralisation of the logistic operations distributed into 4 warehouses in the region of Madrid, gathering teams and customer operations in LS largest centre was an extraordinary experience, a true challenge and one of the greatest lessons in terms of sustainability.

This centre stands out:

  • For the Energy Efficiency - 1st Luís Simões Centre with LEED GOLD Certification (Construction according to sustainability criteria)
  • Copacking Area at a height of 6m (photo) with 3000 m2, where we added value by reinventing the processes to guarantee the improvement of work and safety conditions. Installed above the terminals, through safe processes for the material supply, with strap systems to collect recyclable waste.
  • It has a technological tool which allows to automatise the shipment of ready pallets while waiting for load time, with 90 shipments per business day. This operational efficiency allows to optimise space and teams and to minimise the waiting time for loading in the warehouse.

Cabanillas LOC

  • LEED GOLD Certification
  • Composed of 2 Halls
  • Area 66.000m2
  • Capacity 95.000 pallets
  • 3 Tax Warehouses
  • 100.000 Picking daily units
  • 3000m2 of Co-packing
  • Capacity for 50.000 packs/day
  • 60 unload trucks/day
  • 150 load trucks/day

LS Adds value
with sustainability

Aligned with the sustainability strategy, this centre is composed of various important elements:

The first change management project took place and was focused on the commitment of the members of the personnel from various centres to build a unique culture and identity, based on the share of knowledge and unification of processes.

LEGO project "to build together a new culture which promotes our customers’ well-being".


What are the advantages?

Vantagens económicas

• Energy cost reduction
• Reduction in the load points and Drivers / carriers waiting time

Vantagens sociais

• Working Improvement conditions
• Involvement and sense of belonging
• Motivation of the workers
• Increase of direct and indirect jobs

Vantagens ambientais

• Reduction of energy consumption and of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission
• Reduction in water consumption
• Renewable Power Generation
• Reduction of GHG emissions (reduction of cargo collection points)


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Along the 70 years of the company’s existence, Luís Simões (LS) vision has evolved, as an operator integrated in the supply chain, towards a continuous improvement in customer service.

Based on its values and strategy, LS main operation centres are certified according to the Quality (ISO 9001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) Standards, as well as other more specific standards, in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

The transport subcontracting sector, the most important link in our value chain, uses the “Letter of Commitment for Subcontracted Transport”, and has a support area which has guaranteed 482 Hours of Training provided in 2018, always ensuring the service quality and the integrity of Luís Simões towards its customers.

Large steps were also taken towards digitalisation (paper less processes) and corporate cross-cutting process management through the new tool Softexpert (total of 409 hours of training for the internal teams), with a total of 9 automated processes in 2018.

Selos qualidade

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In the last decade, Luís Simões has followed a path marked by entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability as the essential drivers for growth, with investments above 70 million Euros and a commitment from various multidisciplinary teams.


• The number of logistic operation centres has duplicated.

• The cross-docking platform network coverage increased in 80% in the Iberian Peninsula.

• The New LOC with a common factor differentiation at the level of automation of the operating mechanisms and/or increase in the storage capacity.

• Automated management solutions - e-commerce operations, pick & put to light solutions were implemented allowing to improve productivity and efficiency indicators in high rotation operations.


It clearly shows the sustainability strategy followed by the Group:

• 1st gas truck and 1st company in the Iberian Peninsula to operate in a structured way with Gigaliners/ implementation of mega trucks.

• Regular fleet update, anticipating the most recent technological and energy efficiency parameters, for the minimisation of the environmental impact.

• Implementation of Ecodriving culture with more effective operating control systems, investing in 2018 in the replacement of the fleet management tools (FleetVisor - Astrata) integrated with new transport management system (TMS) (total of 2001 hours of training for internal teams) - a clear investment in technologies for business management.

Selos qualidade


10 anos

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Since 2007, Luís Simões has developed its sustainability strategy by assuming a clear commitment to find effective solutions allowing to reduce the direct impact of its operations on the environment, contributing to a reduction in emissions.

In 2017, LS implemented the recording and accounting project for Greenhouse Gas (GG) concerning all the group companies (direct and indirect sources – scopes 1 and 2), which can be externally verified, to allow for a more conscious emission management. LS produced 42.101 tons of CO2e in 2017. For 2018 a set of 17 initiatives was identified and allowed to reduce 87 tons of CO2e, which corresponds to 3 24-ton trucks. This is a continuous project, and in the last decade the operator has reduced the GG emissions of its truck fleet in more than 16%.

Reducao CO2
3 camioes

LS has 10 Gigaliners/Mega-trucks circulating in the Iberian Peninsula. The load capacity of 2 Gigaliners corresponds to 3 conventional trucks, which means a reduction in fuel consumption and GG emissions (a potential reduction of 144 tons of CO2e/year).

“Ecodriving” Project, having existed for 10 years and having as purpose to improve the drivers’ behaviour and performance for a more efficient and ecological driving. A reduction of 16.6% of GG emission and 13% of specific consumption was achieved in relation to 2007.

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LS currently has a fleet aged less than 3 year on average and has over 95% of the vehicles with Euro V e Euro VI engines (in 2008 only 33% had Euro V engines), which are more efficient at all levels (noise, friction, fuel consumption and greenhouse gases).

Evolução Frota Selos qualidade

Investment on innovation technologies, handling and storage automatisms and high density storage technologies - better use of the implementation area, more productivity, operational and energy efficiency, when compared to conventional warehouse.


On our way to the 2nd warehouse with LEED Certification - certification of sustainable constructions promoting the reduction of the natural resources.


Gold Medal in the sustainability performance assessment and classification for the global supply chain, Ecovadis (transport area SP).


C Score, above the average of the general sector companies and in line with the European average, in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), International Platform and performance assessment as to climate changes for the supply chain.


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At Luís Simões, people are our Strength, a fundamental pillar for business. We currently have 2.124 members of personnel distributed by the various group companies (PT + SP), with a growth of 8% compared to the previous year.

LS does not discriminate based on gender when recruiting, and the total number of women increased 12% in relation to 2017, with 629 warehouse operators and 2 heavy vehicle drivers. In the Management Boards the percentage of 43% of Women remains unchanged.

Slide colaboradores
Slide colaboradores
Slide colaboradores

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With thousands of lives on the road and at the logistic warehouses every day, LS workers’ safety and health is of the utmost importance. The Iberian team for safety at work develops its activity on the improvement of accident indicators aiming at reducing the accident at work rates, which is in itself a challenge.

LS has subscribed since 2010 the European Road Safety Charter in Portugal and Spain, and was one of the first freight transport and logistics organisations in the Iberian Peninsula to do so. This commitment is monitored by the indicator “% of Drivers with 365 days or + without accidents”, with a positive performance (86% in relation to the defined goal of 60%).

In line with the commitment to continuously improve road safety, reflected in the Group fleet update, also Reta presented in 2018 solutions to the transport industry, as the new bodywork of canvas semi-trailers from the Spanish manufacturer LeciTrailer.


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In 2018, Luís Simões reached a record consolidated turnover of 244 million Euros, which represents a growth of 2.2% in relation to 2017. This turnover is represented in 49.9% by logistics, 42.7% by transports, 5.9% by RETA and 0.4% by Diagonal, and the remaining corresponds to the provision of fuel.

We have been focused on Investments in new Projects characterised by Innovation and Technology, particularly at company LSLI Spain, with an investment of 10 million Euros made in new Central - Cabanillas LOC, and a planned investment of 40 million Euros in the new Guadalajara LOC.


- Familiar company founded in 1948.
- 100% of the share capital is owned by Luís Simões family.
- Holding Share Capital: 40 million Euros.